[GUIDE] Global Agenda Quest Walkthrough

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      Lightbulb Global Agenda Quest Walkthrough

      All classes do the exact same quests so this guide will help you no matter which class you go with.

      First off, after the initial tutorial area the first thing you'll want to do is go talk to Dalton Bancroft (should be right in front of you) and turn in the tutorial quest "Passport, Please" then you can pick up "The Price of Liberty".

      • The Price Of Liberty:
        • Simply go speak to Ava Lockheart who you can easily locate via the onscreen "?" arrow, or press "," to have the arrow indicator system help navigate you to her. From Dalton simply turn left (if facing Dalton, else turn right) and go up towards the central hub, then turn right and go up to the technology sector (proteus will be directly ahead of you) then turn left and go to "control" where you will find Ava and pick up "A New Strain (Part 1)".
      • A New Strain (Part 1): (Reward will be chest armor)
        • From Ava just turn around, go out of Control, turn left and go straight into Proteus. Dr Simon LaRonge is inside to the left. Where you can turn in your quest and not only pick up part 2, but also pick up "A Matter of Skill" which is pretty much an instant turn in since you just have turn around and talk to one of the NPCs behind the counters in Proteus.
      • A Matter Of Skill:
        • From Dr Simon LaRonge simply turn around and go talk to one of the NPCs infront of you. "U" to use the NPC Vendor, and pick any skil ya want to finish the quest. Turn around and go back to Dr Simon LaRong to turn the quest in.
      • A New Strain (Part 2):
        • From Dr Simon LaRonge you need to go back down the stairs directly outside of Proteus, go back down to Central Hub turn left and left again to go talk to Dalton Bancroft and turn the quest in, and pick up "Seeking The Cure".
      • Seeking The Cure:
        • From Dalton Bancroft you need to turn to the left (away from Central Hub) and head straight to the city exit (big door at the end of the corridor with guards next to it (dome travel on one side, and virtual arena on the other side). Leave the city via the door and you'll want to travel to the right as you exit. Straight down the path and into Junk Town and speak to Marsala to turn the quest in and pick up "Welcome to Junk Town".
      • Welcome To Junk Town:
        • From Marsala just walk further down the path into Junk Town and speak to Mickey The Junker to turn the quest in. Talk to Mickey twice more to pick up both "One Man's Treasure" and "Another Man's Treasure".
      • One Man's Treasure: (Reward is usually an weapon, depends on your class)
        • Both this and Another Man's Treasure can be done at the same time so will type where to go and what to do in the AMT info.
      • Another Man's Treasure: (Reward is usually an offhand, depends on your class)
        • For this and One Man's Treasure simply head west from Junk Town (down the path) and kill the robots you find along the way. You should get all the items and kills required for both quests easily. However for the items required you will have to continue further down the path as its the Colony Ants you need to kill for the "Power Casing", these can be found either in C-1 (Abandoned Locker) or B-2/C-3 (The Crater). Either way once all 10 kills and 3 items are got head back to Mickey in Junk Town to turn both quests in. Note that any additional items you pick up you may want to keep incase you decide to start other classes, as the items you get are shared across account meaning instant turn in for this quest, hehe. Turn in both quests to get "Mickey's Good Word".
      • Mickey's Good Word:
        • Head straight from Mickey south-ish into the middle building to find Landers and turn in the quest to get "King Of The Junkers".
      • King Of The Junkers:
        • From Landers, Yuri is in the building to the West. So head to her and turn in to get "Not So Super Computer".
      • Not So Super Computer: (Reward leg armor)
        • This is a multi-part quest in that you have to do 3 other quests to get all the items required. So first lets go get the 3 quests shall we. From Yuri you can get "Hitch a Ride" right outside of Yuri's building via talking to Hitch. Next go back to Landers to get both "Playing In The Trash (part 1)" and "Playing in the Sand (part 1)". You can also pick up "Remote Scavenger" from Ozwald at the back of the building that Landers is in. From Landers head to the eastern building to pick up "Eye for an Eye" from Seline. After you've done the sub-quests and got all the items required, return to Yuri to turn in the quest.
      • Eye For An Eye: (Reward class specific boost)
        • Guillermo can be found in a building at about D/E section 3/4 of the map. Once killed you can go back to Seline to get your boost item and pick up "The Old Fashioned Way".
      • Hitch A Ride:
        • The truck can be located at D-4 on the map. Nearby there is another quest giver who will give "Armband Collection" and "Traitors To Their Own" quests. "U" when next to the truck to complete, then return back to Hitch to turn in.
      • Playing In The Trash (Part 1): (Reward shoulder armor)
        • Various places you can go to do this quest, either The Crater (B-3/C-4) or even Abandoned Locker (C-1). Its probably quicker to go the locker since all 5 are in one place and easy to get to. Turn in part 1 to get part 2.
      • Playing In The Trash (Part 2):
        • From Junk Town simply head east to the water works, and kill some "Tics" (little spider like bots that chase after you, jump, and self destruct so be careful!) best place to start for newbies is to go up onto the hill to the north of the water works, then fly over to one of the 3 towers in the middle, that way you can take the tics out from a safe distance. Just watch out for the bigger spider bots (you have to kill 1 of those in part 3 of this chain so remember where they are!).
      • Playing In The Trash (Part 3): (Reward arm armor)
        • Just like part 2, head to the water works, and kill a single crawler.
      • Playing In The Sand (Part 1):
        • Probably the best spot for these will be starting about F-3, as you'll be coming back to this spot after you turn this quest again for the sargeants there too. Turn in part 1 to get part 2.
      • Playing In The Sand (Part 2):
        • Back to where you were before, but this time you'll find it easier to fly to the other side of the ravine and then go to the bridge to the east. The sarges can be found patroling the destructed bridge and also along the intact bridge.
      • Playing In The Sand (Part 3): (Reward class specific off hand)
        • For this one you'll be heading to about F-4, as not only do you need to kill the Kanar Warriors, but also you have to MELEE (not shoot! it does not work) 5 crates in the area too. Just watch out for the sniper! Turn in to get "The 4 to Yuma" quest.
      • Remote Scavenger: (Reward hand armor)
        • Whilst doing the trash quest you can also be doing this one as for each robot you kill you'll probably be picking up the items required for this quest too. Once done head back to Ozwald to turn in the quest.
      • Armband Colection: (Reward pick 1 of 3 dyes given)
        • You'll probably have picked up the armbands already from the other quests, but if not just go around and kill any and every grunt/etc til done.
      • Traitors To Their Own:
        • Again simple enough, just head north of the quest giver to find the scouts spread out. Along with killing the scouts you should also be getting the armbands too. Turning this quest in will give you "Assassination: Sgt. Everett Peters".
      • Assassination: Sgt Everett Peters: (Reward class specific gun)
        • From Azuna the Sgt is in a building nearby to the east. Though you may wish to lure him out and then take him out from a safe distance such as on the roof or better yet up on top of the nearby rocky area.
      • The Old Fashioned Way: (Reward class specific off hand)
        • Sgt Catia Nebdes can be found straight south from Junk Town, all the way to D-6, just outside the Ruins of New Yuma (a bit south of New Yuma Station).
      • The 4 To Yuma: (Reward class specific suit)
        • From Junk Town New Yuma Station is due south about E-5 area. Just go there to turn this in and get 3 new missions, "Erik Kocian", "Contract Work", and "Secure the Station".
      • Erik Kocian:
        • Easy as heck, simply go behind Rollins, head down the ramp, done. Turn in to pick up 3 new missions, "A Burning Need", "A Time for Talk", and "Escort Mission".
      • Contract Work:
        • First off, just turn right from Rollins, and head straight to the terminal on the wall and use it. Half the quest done there. Next, pick ANY Mercenary map, join it, finish it (doesn't matter if you win or lost, just finish it!), done quest complete!
      • Secure The Station:
        • Hawk's Canyon is South-East of NYS, at about E-7/F-7. Try to find a good spot to get to, as the snipers do have long range attacks.
      • A Burning Need:
        • Just like before in "The Old Fashioned Way" head to the same spot, turn in. Simple. Once turned in you will get "Skyward".
      • A Time For Talk:
        • Daniil can be found just north of Presido, at about F-5, find and turn in the quest. Pick up "A Quiet Truth".
      • Escort Mission:
        • Hassan can be located in The Gardens (E-6) just as you enter. Whilst in the gardens you can also pick up 4 more quests, from the holo computer, to do whilst doing this mission. Turn in to get "The Root of Evil (part 1)".
      • Skyward:
        • Just fly (or climb) up to Dr Andrei Bolonov who is about D-6. Turn in to get "Wasps!" and "Inner Clockworkings.
      • Wasps!: (Reward class specific jetpack upgrade)
        • Simple enough, just blast the flying robots once done just talk to the Dr again.
      • Inner Clockworkings: (Reward head armor)
        • Just like wasps, simply blast the ground based robots until you have all the required items (the eyes don't seem to spawn as often mind so it may take a while). Once done, talk to the Dr again. Watch out for tics and bit spider bots. Turn in to get "Eyes Peeled".
      • Eyes Peeled:
        • Best way to do this one is just fly around to the spots required, quickly press U an fly off again, heh. Turn in to get "Under De-Construction".
      • Under De-Construction: (Reward class specific off hand)
        • From the NPC, go all the way AROUND the ruins, as its less hassle than fighting all the way through an having lots of wasps an colony workers blast ya, hehe. Usually safer this way, plus dropping down from the south-west side is a good bet. In the area down below you'll only be facing ticks, which jump at you and self destruct so be careful! Remember, like before with the crates you have to MELEE the terminals! Turn in to get "All Good Things".
      • All Good Things:
        • Just return to New Yuma Station and talk to Erik Kocian.
      • The Root Of Evil (Part 1): (Will include all parts and also the 4 garden based quests in this since they're all in the same area)
        • Whilst in The Gardens make sure to pick up (from Gil.G.Mesh in the middle of the gardens) "Communications Relay", "Armory", "R&D Laboratory", and "Power Core" as you can do these whilst you do TROE quest chains. First off, from the entrance drop down and get the 4 quests. Next you'll want to head down the NORTH-EAST corridor first since its the communications switch. Next go down the NORTH-WEST corridor as this is Trevor and the armory switch. Next the SOUTH-WEST for Briana and the laboratory switch. Then the SOUTH-EAST for the power core switch, Dr Sharma and also Commander Riggs. Be warned Riggs can be a pain so you may wish to take someone to help. Finally its back to Briana, then Gil.G.Mesh, and all done in these chains! Pick up "All That Remains" when done at Briana.
      • All That Remains:
        • Simply head back to New Yuma Station and talk to Erik Kocian again.
      • A Quiet Truth: (Reward tier 1 brown dye)
        • Quarza can be found soon as you enter Presido, head up to the right (west) and enter the building at the top of the path. Pick up "Let The Legion Lie", "Assassination: Captain Marek Vidal", and "Defiance". Watch out for gunners and brawlers in Presido mind!
      • Let The Legion Lie:
        • Simply kill 2 gunners which should be quite nearby.
      • Assassination: Captain Marek Vidal: (Reward feet armor)
        • The Captain can be found at the south-west part of the camp, just near the instance entrance.
      • Defiance:
        • This ones easy enough, kill 10 laborers and plant a bomb. Best way to do this, from the NPC simply fly right across to the higher up platforms on the south wall. An just shoot the mobs down below. Also the bomb is planted on the big ugly wall face you'll find on the platforms there too. Turn in to get "Fly Free".
      • Fly Free: (Reward class specific off hand)
        • First instance. Kill boss, get Dr out. But be careful she has a tendency to run ahead and get shot. Plus watch out for the brawler right at the end of the tunnel! Once done go back to NYS and talk to Eric Kocian to get "Manufacturing A Cure".
      • Manufacturing A Cure:
        • Just turn around, use the terminal, talk to Eric again to get "Patient 0 (part 1)".
      • Patient 0 (Part 1):
        • Head all the way south to the crashed ship, talk to the hologram of Dr Kreiv. Get part 2.
      • Patient 0 (Part 2):
        • From the hologram just go to the other end of the ship to use the supply locker. To quickly return to NYS simply leave the ship and fly/run into the radiation due south. Instant portal back to NYS. Pick up "Between Life & Death".
      • Between Life & Death:
        • Instance 2, you may require some help on this one. But the instance is due EAST of NYS. Fly over there and go in. Kill the boss, go back to NYS and sorted. Pick up "Cured!".
      • Cured:
        • Simply head back to Dome City, and talk to Dalton Bancroft.

      By this point you will either be level 17 or very close. Grtz! If you've not already done it you may wish to do the Contract Work PVP Merc quest, as it will give you 2.5k XP

      Next (at least til they add more quests!), go do some PVE (Special Ops) or PVP (Mercenary) instances!

      P.S. Thanks to FinalDestiny for assisting me in the two instance parts,

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      Default Re: Global Agenda Quest Walkthrough

      Quote Originally Posted by Clued View Post
      Glad to help,

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